The Local Smoke BBQ Story

We started as a competition BBQ team named Fat Angel BBQ in 2007. After a very successful inaugural season, in which we were Rookie Team of the Year, we opened Local Smoke BBQ, our full-service catering company. LSBBQ quickly became one of New Jersey’s most popular BBQ  caterers and in 2011, we opened our first two restaurants. Our third restaurant opened in 2016 and Local Smoke BBQ at Jax opened in 2019. 

Our team has represented New Jersey at contests throughout the country in Alabama, Arkansas, Georgia, Missouri, Nevada, Tennessee, and in almost every state from Virginia to Vermont. We have collected over 125 awards and have had the honor of winning 5 New Jersey State Championship titles. Highlights include 1st in Ribs against 488 teams at the American Royal in Kansas City (which is known as the World Series of BBQ) and 1st place in Brisket at the National BBQ Festival in Douglas, GA. Our award winning BBQ is inspired by the authentic BBQ served up at these competitions throughout the country and we invite you to visit us at Local Smoke BBQ.  

2011 Grand Champions in Wildwood - Fat Angel BBQ

2011 Grand Champions in Wildwood - Fat Angel BBQ

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Our Mission

Our philosophy is simple. The mission of Local Smoke BBQ is to provide authentic, award winning, slow-smoked BBQ and incredible service in a fun and clean atmosphere. We are a customer first company and the same passion that goes into winning BBQ competitions goes into winning over our guests.  

about our bbq

Our award winning BBQ is inspired by the authentic BBQ served up at competitions throughout the country. To capture the essence of true BBQ, Local Smoke BBQ slow-smokes all meat with a combination of sugar maple and cherry woods. Our BBQ is complimented with our homemade Uncle Dick's BBQ Rub and BBQ sauces. The meat will show a strong pink-to-red coloration called a “smoke ring”, which is a result of being cooked low and slow. The smoke ring is not an indication of undercooking, as the BBQ spends many hours in the smoker and finishes at a “well-done” temperature of 170-200 degrees, depending on the type of meat. 

Local Smoke BBQ Pulled Pork Sandwich

Pulled Pork

Our classic Pulled Pork is always a crowd favorite! Perfectly trimmed pork shoulders are hand rubbed with our Uncle Dick's BBQ Rub and slow-rendered for at least 12 hours until they are tender, moist and smoky. Served as the main course or on a bun with our Carolina Sauce.  Top with Coleslaw for a traditional BBQ treat!

Local Smoke BBQ Beef Brisket Sandwich

Beef Brisket

Beef Brisket is a cut of meat that takes smoke beautifully. We slow-render the brisket to succulent pieces of meat with a smoky flavor that are equally at home on a bun with some Original BBQ Sauce as they are on a plate as a main course attraction. Our classic Brisket is mostly served chopped, which includes the decadent burnt ends. You can also enjoy our sliced Beef Brisket at the restaurants. 

Local Smoke BBQ Chicken

BBQ Chicken

BBQ Chicken is always a favorite and Local Smoke will serve our Pulled Chicken or Whole Chickens. For catering, we will also serve a combination of breasts and drumsticks. Flavored with our Uncle Dick's BBQ Rub, Local Smoke chicken is slow-smoked to perfection. The chicken is served with our homemade Original BBQ Sauce. 

Local Smoke BBQ St. Louis Ribs

St. Louis Ribs

Everybody loves our award winning ribs. Slow-smoked for 6 hours, Local Smoke will infuse the hand rubbed ribs with a smoky flavor until they are a perfect mahogany color. The ribs are served with our homemade Original BBQ Sauce. 

LSBBQ Homemade BBQ Sauces (Gluten-Free)

Carolina: Our tomato based, vinegar sauce with pepper flakes is served with our slow-smoked Pulled Pork 

Original Barbeque: Our sweet, thick, tomato based Kansas City style sauce is served with our Ribs, Chicken and Brisket  

Spicy Barbeque: Our Original Sauce with a kick is offered on the side 

Local Smoke BBQ Sauces + Uncle Dick's BBQ Rub

Local Smoke BBQ Sauces + Uncle Dick's BBQ Rub

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