LSBBQ Competition Sponsors

 We'd like to thank our sponsors for helping elevate our game with their excellent products. We wouldn't be the 5-time New Jersey State BBQ Champions without their continued support.  Check out their awesome products below.

BBQ Guru logo

BBQ Guru

The BBQ Guru devices control cooking temperature in charcoal and wood-burning cookers within a few degrees of accuracy. For the BBQer, this means achieving predictability and consistency with their meats without having to hover around their cooker. We have three different controls, each of which will work with a variety of cookers and give you the freedom to entertain your guest while the Guru constantly tends the fire.

Local Smoke BBQ the BBQ Guru Onyx Smokers and the temperature controls with all smokers at competitions.

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Smoke 'n Dudes Barbecue Co. Catering

Smoke 'n Dudes Barbecue Company

Check out Smoke 'n Dudes for all things BBQ. In addition to catering, vending and competing, Smoke 'n Dudes offers BBQ Rubs, Sauces, Meats and are also dealers for various smokers. Check out their website for more information. Local Smoke BBQ uses their Waygu Briskets and Duroc Pork for competitions. 

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Dizzy Pig Barbecue Company logo

The Dizzy Pig Barbecue Company

Get Spun with The Dizzy Pig rubs! Made from high quality, fresh and wholesome ingredients, The Dizzy Pig rubs are hand blended and freshly packed, making them the best on the market! Our favorites are Dizzy Dust and Cow Lick, but they have a whole line to tease every taste bud. 

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